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Pediatrics Residency

Salary and Benefits


The salary for a PL-1 resident for 2023-24 is $60,967 annually and increases with each year of training. Checks are directly deposited into your bank.

Please visit the USF Graduate Medical Education site on trainee stipend and benefits.



Trainees are automatically enrolled in a 401(a) retirement plan and have 7.5% of each paycheck deposited automatically. Further options available through USF HR.


Four weeks of vacation are provided to each intern and resident with an additional week during the winter holiday. One of these vacation weeks may be split into individual days and taken as personal days on approved rotations. Ten sick days are available each year. There are three additional bereavement days available if needed. Flexible scheduling is available for fellowship interviews and other personal needs.


Each member of the housestaff is given a TGH meal allowance card based on the number of shifts they work for the month. Hot and storable food is provided twice daily at JHACH for resident teams.


  • American Academy of Pediatrics institutional membership including access to PREP Board review questions, monthly journal, and review articles
  • Full access to PubMED and library services through the USF Shimberg Library.
  • New England Journal of Medicine Rotation 360 Prep access
  • New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ QBank (online and app)
  • Peds RAP Podcast 
  • Med Study question bank for PL3s, books for PL1s


Three pairs of scrubs are provided by JHACH hospital, and three to be taken/returned daily from the scrub machines at Tampa General Hospital. Additionally, at the beginning of each year, two physician white coats embroidered with the physician's name are provided.

Conferences and Educational Funds

Residents have the opportunity and are encouraged to present research projects at local, state and national meetings. USF will provide the following assistance to further our educational mission annually.

  • Step 3 reimbursement - full cost (USF Pediatrics and GME cover cost)
  • $2,000 per trip for an abstract accepted for presentation at a meeting
  • $2,000 per trip for courses and specific hands-on trainings that are pertinent to the field of medicine for the trainee.
  • $2,000 per trip for Board Review Course (program sometimes utilizes the annual board review in Miami for graduating residents)
  • $500 per trip for trainee attendance at a conference (if not presenting)
  • All USF trainees have access to Microsoft Office products and Adobe Acrobat
  • $300 for fees related to publication by trainees
  • Other items that can be covered include books, educational materials, academic prizes, etc.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

GME will reimburse residents for up to 6 credits per semester in the following USF Programs: MBA, MHA, MPH.

Medical / Parental Leave / Caregiver Leave

This leave is available to residents for a variety of reasons. Residents can use up to 6 weeks for initial leave and 10 days per year for subsequent leave. Documentation such as FMLA may be required. We offer certain independent study rotations with flexibility.

Professional Liability / Tail Coverage / Malpractice Coverage

Coverage is provided through the USF Health Self-Insurance Program.

Click here to review the Graduate Medical Education Department website for further information.