USF Health is providing COVID-19 vaccinations to patients, employees and individuals in the community who meet eligibility criteria and as supply of vaccine permits. Learn More.


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USF Continues to closely monitor the evolving Coronavirus outbreak. For more information, click here.


For USF Pediatric patients: USF Pediatrics is dedicated to helping you and your family stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.  
We are here to provide you and your family the care and guidance you may need during this stressful time. If you have a fever or a cough, please call our main number 813-259-8700 or your sub-specialty provider, or send us a message via MyChart prior to coming to USF Health for any of your appointments so that we can direct you to the right location. Depending upon your symptoms and needs, you may be directed to specific locations.

Kids are our FUTURE.

Their ideas and their emerging viewpoints will shape our world. Your child deserves the most advanced and effective care available.  USF Health Pediatrics is dedicated to improving their quality of life and creating a better future for them.  As part of an academic medical center at the cutting edge of research and innovation, USF Health Pediatrics gives your child access to a wide range of specialists and primary care physicians who provide customized care for your child’s needs from infancy, through adolescence, and into adulthood.