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Center for Families Impacted by Substance Use


About Us

The USF Center for Families Impacted by Substance Use works to promote research, innovation, and high-quality clinical care for families impacted by substance use. The Center is a recognized entity to increase collaborations across USF's clinical departments, colleges, and community partners to better care for the families we serve.    

The use of intentional language is very important to the center; we understand that the use of the word "families" represents the many structures of patients and caregivers seen in our clinics and the intentional use of the word "impactedcaptures the broad experiences related to substance use:

  • The challenges of active substance use within a family.
  • The challenge of and barriers to long-term recovery.
  • The true effects of stigma and discrimination.  

We also recognize that there are individuals without a substance use diagnosis who are directly or indirectly impacted by the system of care. For example, others affected may include:

  • individuals being treated by a medical provider to care for chronic or complex medical conditions.
  • individuals caring for children with prenatal exposure to medications or substances.
  • individuals supporting someone with substance use or in their recovery journey.

There are opportunities to advance patient-centered care, decrease barriers, and improve outcomes for families. Regardless of the connection to substance use, each individual is an integral part of the mission: to improve families' and communities' health and wellness.

Clinical Services

The foundation of clinical services within the USF Center for Families Impacted by Substance Use is housed at the Promoting Early Developmental Interventions (PEDI) Clinic at Mary Lee’s House, a collaboration with Hillsborough County Healthy Start Coalition. The PEDI Clinic provides co-located, integrated, and coordinated care for pregnant/parenting-child dyads; services include maternal-fetal medicine (high-risk obstetrics), pediatrics, perinatal psychiatry, and child psychologist-developmental specialist. Services available from pregnancy through post-partum, birth to kindergarten.


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For questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers call or text (813) 514-1314.

Referring Providers
If you a referring provider you can also utilize the PEDI Clinic/Plan of Safe Care page to send a referral. 

If you would like to become a supporter for the Center visit our Giving page. 

Meet Our Experts

Jillian Childres, PhD

Jillian Childres, PhD is an Associate Professor at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and a licensed psychologist. Her clinical work focuses on assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for young children with disruptive behavior disorders, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, social-emotional difficulties, and learning disabilities. With the USF CFISU and PEDI Clinic, Dr. Childres provides assessment and surveillance throughout early childhood for families affected by substance use, including behavioral parent training and early intervention strategies for infants and toddlers. Dr. Childres is involved in multiple national research studies aimed to improve surveillance and intervention for children with a history of in-utero opioid or substance exposure and/or neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS).
Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez, MD

Perinatal Psychiatrist

Deborah Gonzalez, MD is a Perinatal Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine. She specializes in treatment for preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting people. She is an expert in the treatment of perinatal mood disorders and provides consultations on preconception planning and treatment during pregnancy and postpartum. With her work with the USF CFISU and the PEDI Clinic Perinatal Expansion, Dr. Knudsen Gonzalez provides consultation services to address the integral mental health co-morbidities associated with opioid and substance use disorders.

Anthony Kendle, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine & High-Risk Obstetrics

Anthony Kendle, MD is a board-certified OBGYN and a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. Dr. Kendle is the head of the USF CFISU and PEDI Clinic’s Perinatal Expansion Services, providing antenatal telemedicine consultation and oversees care coordination during pregnancy and postpartum. His clinical and research interests included substance use disorder, under served populations, maternal morbidity and mortality, stigma, and epidemiology. His focus on treatment and recovery in pregnant, postpartum, and parenting people with opioid and substance use disorders has led to involvement in multiple national projects and collaboratives aimed to improve the care provided by the healthcare system.

Tanner Wright, MD 

Pediatrician & Neonatal Hospitalist

Tanner Wright, MD is a board-certified general pediatrician at University of South Florida who works as a Neonatal Hospitalist at Tampa General Hospital specializing in infants with in-utero exposure to opioids and other substances and is the medical director of the PEDI (Promoting Early Developmental Interventions) Clinic at Mary Lee’s House, a collaboration with the Healthy Start Coalition. He is a lead subject matter expert for the American Academy of Pediatrics "Maternal- Infant Health and Opioid Use Collaborative." As the Director of the USFCFISU, Dr. Wright works closely with treatment centers and community resources to advocate on behalf of families affected by substance use. His research endeavors have led to multiple NIH awards and CDC grants for his work with caregiver-infant dyads affected by opioid use, while clinically the PEDI Clinic was honored as a recipient of the AAP Model Practice of Excellence Award for its work with families affected by opioid use. He loves caring for and advocating on behalf of the families through pregnancy and early childhood at the PEDI Clinic.