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Pediatrics Residency

Pediatric Board Exam

Memberships and Resources

All residents have full access to the PREP questions by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Additionally, each has access to the New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ Board review question bank and the Rotation 360 PREP website with key knowledge items and landmark studies within each subspecialty of pediatrics.

Residents also use the Peds RAP podcast that is provided by the program for their board preparation as well.

MedStudy Pediatric Core books are given to each resident. Weekly or every-other-week, there are attending led board review sessions during academic half day. Often, our 3rd year residents will lead an additional board review session during the work week for all residents.

There are multiple other videos, review materials, question banks, etc. that have been used in the past by the program and are available to the residents upon request. Residents at risk of not passing their boards have more extensive oversight and mentorship. Executive functioning skills and/or test-taking strategy counseling is available through the HR resources.

Board Review Course

Each graduating class is permitted and encouraged to attend a board review course typically held in Miami. The costs are covered by the program.

Board Review Should Be Engaging and Fun!

Each month, there is a nice dinner held at a local restaurant for the residents. Either a subspecialist or generalist run the didactic component of the evening.

Monthly quizzes are sent via the NEJM question bank app to all residents - those who complete their quizzes on time can earn academic prizes.