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Pediatrics Residency

Training Opportunities


With increasing globalization of our world, the need for training in public health practice is apparent. Here at USF Health, we are lucky to have a highly ranked College of Public Health (COPH) with incredible faculty, and multiple collaborative efforts between our two colleges. Many of our pediatric faculty have degrees in public health and conduct international work. 

The USF Health COPH offers 19 public health certificate program options, ranging from maternal and child health, epidemiology, global health, disaster management to biostatistics! The certificate course ranges from 4-5 total classes (12-18 credits), depending on the discipline.

This certificate stands alone, or the hours could be used towards a full MPH (42 credits) which you can obtain in the future. Residents, (usually PL2 or PL3s), can take a concentration in a specific topical area.

Graduate Certificates are offered through Innovative Education. Information about the mostly on-line programs and the application process can be found here. For more information visit the Graduation Certificates page. The Residency Program will provide funding for 1-2 trainees per year enrolled in this program. 

In addition, there are multiple areas of ongoing research within the COPH, which increases the research opportunities beyond the venues traditionally available to most pediatric residency programs. 

To learn about the COPH, click here to visit our webpage.