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Pediatrics Residency

Resident Events

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Resident Events 1

Interns Team Building Exercise

Interns have a one day retreat in the fall where they are relieved of all duties and engage in team building and allow for relaxation, connection and reflection. This is a great time to bond with fellow interns. In the spring there is a one day workshop designed to assist interns in preparation for their second year.

Resident Events 2

Skit Night

The Pediatrics Department sponsors a graduation banquet for all graduates and their families. All residents are invited to attend this beautiful event where we celebrate the completion of residency as well as give a number of awards to residents from all classes. We also have “Skit Night” every June that gives the housestaff time to relax and poke some fun at each other as well as at their faculty.

Resident Events 3

Career Night

On a professional note, there is a fall Career Night event to help residents plan for fellowship or practice, and provides some practical business advice. Residents can also participate in various practice management workshops which aid in preparation for leadership roles within practices.