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Microbiomes Institute

Microbiomes Institute


Institute Management Team

  • Christian Brechot, MD, PhD Director, Infectious Disease & International Medicine
  • Hariom Yadav, PhD Director, USF Center for Microbiome Research
  • Shyam Mohapatra, PHD, MBA Division Director and Associate Dean, MCOM/ Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, College of Pharmacy
  • Yu Sun, PhD Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Wayne Guida, PhD Professor, Department of Chemistry/Drug Discovery Program at Moffitt
Faculty College/Department Research Interest
Amy Alman College of Public Health Oral Microbiome and type 1 diabetes
Bill Baker CAS - Chemistry Drug discovery/marine microbiomes
Paula C. Bickford MCOM Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Biomedical Engineering & Nanomedicine, Neurodegenerative Disease, Neuroscience
Cesar V. Borlongan Neurosurgery & Brain repair Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Biomedical Engineering & Nanomedicine, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Metabolic Regulation and Disorders, Neurodegenerative Disease, Neuroscience
Mya Breitbart College of Marine Science Marine Microbiomes, virus and Phages
Laurent Calcul CAS- Chemistry Proteomics - Natural product chemistry involving extraction, chromatographic separation, purification and structure elucidation of bioactive small molecules
Chuanhai Cao Byrd Institute role of immune system in disease development and find a cure to treat diseases through immune modulation approach including vaccination and natural product.
Bala Chandran MCOM  Kaposi's sarcoma associated human herpesvirus (KSHV)
Feng Cheng COPH Drug discovery and development using computational methods (including molecular docking, pharmacophore mapping, and machine learning).
Sophie Darch MCOM Complex bacterial populations and their relationship to disease/ Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Larry Dishaw COPH Immunological Mechanisms of The Gut Microbiome
Maureen Groer College of Nursing Mother-infant microbiome
Ganesh Halade Heart Institute chronic inflammation and immune responsive metabolic dysregulation contributes to ischemic and non-ischemic heart failure.
Barbara Hansen MCOM Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular Sciences,
Metabolic Regulation and Disorders
Valerie Harwood CAS - Integrative Biology Water quality microbiology and microbial ecology
Shalini Jain Neurosurgery & Brain repair Role of microbiome and its metabolites in predicting human health conditions as well as determining the role of different microbiome modifiers on ameliorating these conditions.
Hong Yuan (Rays) Jiang COPH Genomics
Umesh Kumar Jinwal Taneja molecular mechanism of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and other neurological disorders.
Kami Kim MCOM Pathogenesis of toxoplasmosis and malaria
Mark Kindy Taneja inflammation in neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. In addition, our interested in cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases and epigenetic effects.
Jim Leahy CAS - Chemistry Drug discovery
Subhra Mohapatra Molecular Medicine Role of onco-immune environment, which plays a critical role in tumor growth, drug resistance and recurrence.
Niketa Patel MCOM Understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and metabolic pathways in neurodegenerative diseases.
George Philippidis Patel College of Sustainability Microbiomes, Red Tide, Omics
Stephanie Prescott College of Nursing Effects of microbiota perturbations on health, disease, and response to therapy
Tara Randis COPH Pathogenesis of Group B Streptococcus in the Neonate
Jennifer Seminerio-Diehl MCOM IBD, leaky gut
Andreas Seyfang MCOM Membrane permeases and drug delivery
Lindsey 'Les' Shaw CAS - Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Molecular mechanisms of disease causation in Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
Stanley Stevens CAS - Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Proteomics,
Laura A. Szalacha College of Nursing Statistics
Thao (Tina) Ho COPH Anemia and intestinal healthin very low birth weight infants
Srinivas Tipparaju Taneja Drug discovery
Yicheng Tu COPH Genomics
Monica Uddin COPH Stress-related mental disorders
Jolan Walter MCOM allergic diseases, immunodeficiencies and immune dysregulation
Elizabeth Wood MCOM - Core Facility Proteomics
Xingmin Sun COPH Focused on the pathogenesis ofClostridioides difficileand the development of novel therapeutics including vaccines to prevent and treat C. difficile infection (CDI)
Paul Camilo Zalamea CAS - Integrative Biology Plant-soil-microbial dynamics