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Microbiomes Institute

USF Health Microbiomes Institute

USF Microbiomes Institute

Christian Brechot, MD, PhD
Director, USF Microbiomes Institute

Welcome to the USF Microbiomes Institute

The USF Microbiomes Institute is an initiative to merge and integrate interdisciplinary researchers and departments from the University of South Florida (USF), USF Health, and Moffitt Cancer Center, with a special working focus on microbiomes studies in soil, water, plant, animals, food and human health.

The Institute intends to join different departments and colleges, from engineering to business, and create opportunities for transdisciplinary projects with new approaches for microbiomes studies. Composed of several working groups such as Education and Training, Data Analysis, Infrastructures, Core Facilities, and Scientific programs, we integrate academics with industry, promoting partnerships with colleges and departments to share experiences and enhance the research and knowledge in the microbiome field.

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USF Health researchers link gut health to age-related illnesses

Researchers at USF Health are discovering links between the bacteria in our gut and a number of age-related conditions, including dementia. 

In conjunction with their research, USF doctors are developing a customized yogurt that can help restore a patient’s gut health. The yogurt is used to introduce the specific healthy microbes the patient’s system is lacking. “We are designing this for the older population,” said Dr. Hariom Yadav, Director of Microbiome Research at USF Health. “We will also prepare them in different flavors too, so they can have their choice of the flavors.” said Dr. Yadav.

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Microbiome Research


     Research indicates that abnormalities in Microbiome exacerbate aging in gut and brain.

     You are invited to participate in our research study, if:

  • Your age is 60 years or older.
  • You are cognitively healthy.
  • You can also participate if you have history of mild cognitive impairment-early stage of memory loss or other cognitive ability loss/ dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Breaking News

Microbiome Institute Announces Winners Of 2022 Research Awards  

State grant advances USF Health research on how diet-related changes 

USF Health studies how diet affects gut, oral, brain health in older adults

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