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Center for Global Health and Inter-Disciplinary Research

PhD Degree Programs

USF Genomics is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of researchers actively engaged in genomics research. It is a uniquely collaborative environment in which representatives from a variety of academic disciplines use a wide range of approaches (e.g. bench work, bioinformatics, computational modeling, systems biology) to promote understanding of genome structure and function and to use genomic sciences to answer complex questions relating to health, disease and environmental challenges. USF Genomics is not an independent academic program, rather it is an informal community of researchers from the following USF colleges and departments:

  • College of Public Health
  • Morsani College of Medicine
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Marine Science
  • College of Arts and Sciences

The Genomics concentration within the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Public Health is designed to provide students with in-depth training in cutting-edge genomic data analysis and interpretation to become productive leaders in the scientific community. This interdisciplinary doctoral research program offers a distinguished teaching and research program that provides advanced training in a wide variety of hypothesis-driven research disciplines. Some of the major areas of investigation among our affiliated faculty include Population Genomics, Genetics of Human Disease, Genomics of Stress-related Mental Disorders, Molecular Parasitology, Systems Biology of Host-microbe Interactions, and Evolutionary and Genomic Underpinnings of Pregnancy. These topics can serve as research areas for a PhD candidate’s research and training providing a strong foundation to pursue a broad variety of career paths. Upon completion of their degree, graduates of the Genomics concentration will be able to demonstrate mastery of genomic data analysis and interpretation to become leaders in the fields of public health genomics (e.g., human population health, infectious disease, environmental health).

Students wishing to join USF Genomics should review the descriptions for each faculty member listed in the Researchers links and explore the corresponding department websites. Prospective students may then apply to any degree program(s) of interest. Details for each degree program with genomics-related elements are listed below.

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PhD Programs

  • PhD in Public Health

    The PhD in public health is a college-wide research degree program designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in public health academia, research and field settings. Students must select a concentration from one of the following seven disciplines:

  • PhD in Medical Sciences

    The PhD program in Integrated Biomedical Sciences (PPIBS) is a flexible degree program in which students are able to tailor their education to fit their research and professional interests. Faculty are drawn from every department in the MCOM, providing the program with a valuable multi-disciplinary approach and giving students the opportunity to explore many aspects of medicine. Students in this program must select one of the following concentrations:

  • PhD in Nursing Science

    The Nursing Sciences PhD program takes a collaborative approach to preparing future nursing leaders with an interest conducting research. It allows students to develop research questions and lead investigation relevant to the field of nursing. It promotes continued development in the areas of nursing theories, practice and patient care principles.

  • PhD in Marine Science

    Students must select a concentration from one of the following departments:

    • Biological Oceanography
    • Chemical Oceanography
    • Geological Oceanography
    • Physical Oceanography
    • Marine Resource Assessment
  • (The College of Arts and Sciences is composed of many different schools and departments. The following list highlights only those departments that house USF Genomics faculty)

    Department of Integrative Biology

    PhD in Biology

    PhD students in the Department of Integrative Biology benefit from the vast array of cutting edge research conducted across any many different areas. Students are able to select from one of the following three concentration areas:

    • Ecology and Evolution
    • Environmental and Ecological Microbiology
    • Physiology and Morphology

    Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology

    PhD in Biology in Cell and Molecular Biology