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Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH
Donna J. Petersen

Dean's Message

As the semester winds down and we (finally) feel a slight chill in the air, the College of Public Health continues to advocate its particular brand of educational excellence. At the 2018 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) in San Diego, the USF COPH rocked the house! First, our fabulous faculty organized and led a two-day Learning Institute preparing a standing-room-only crowd for the Certification in Public Health (CPH) exam. Not only was the event sold-out, someone broke into the room and stole the training materials. They must have sensed the second amazing success: the study guide for the CPH exam, prepared by these same fabulous faculty, hot off the press and released by APHA Press at the meeting SOLD OUT—the first time in their history they have ever sold out of one of their publications! Wow! Drs. Karen Liller and Jaime Corvin, co-editors, assisted by editorial manager Hari Venkatachalam, guided a stellar group of faculty including Drs. Amy Alman, Anna Armstrong, Chighaf Bakour, Alicia Best, Pamela Birriel, Deborah Cragun, Katherine Drabiak, Barbara Langland-Orban, Jennifer Marshall, Dinorah Martinez-Tyson, Steven Mlynarek, Kathleen O’Rourke, Claudia Parvanta, Sandra Potthoff, Vijay Prajapati, Zachary Pruitt, Troy Quast, Rema Ramakrishnan, Ira Richards, William Sappenfield, Thomas Unnasch, Wei Wang, Jacqueline Wiltshire and Janice Zgibor. These are the amazing scholars, professionals and educators you will work with when you join us at the USF College of Public Health.

We celebrated the many current students, alumni and faculty who presented at the APHA conference, who serve on sections, governing boards and councils and who volunteer in the educational and policy-making processes central the mission of APHA. At our reception Monday evening we welcomed community partners, colleagues and friends who enrich our world and give meaning to our work. We celebrated our successes and we wondered at the amazing opportunities we have, working together, to make the world a better place. Please visit us to learn how you can find your place in the world, through an educational experience at the USF College of Public Health.

Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH
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