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Lifelong Learning Academy


USF COPH Lifelong Learning Academy

The COPH Lifelong Learning Academy provides a range of continuing education and workforce development opportunities designed to supplement public health practitioners' knowledge, skills, performance, and attitudes beyond their degree program. 

Alumni and public health practitioners of USF Health are invited to begin their continuing education journey with the help of the Lifelong Learning Academy, brushing up on essential skills, completing required coursework, learning new healthcare procedures, and keeping up with current technological changes. 

By engaging in continued education, public health practitioners and alumni are able to distinguish themselves from their peers, maintain a national standard in public health, and earn digital badges and credentials that may elevate their standing in the eyes of employers. Learn more about the COPH's LLA catalog of micro-courses and programs below!

  • Micro-credentials are affordable competency-based short-cycle programs that offer digital badging and Certified Public Health (CPH) credit for public health professionals to upskill or reskill in a specific area. Micro-credentials not only help professionals build their current knowledge of the topic but can enhance their skills, abilities, and chances of a better salary.

    Micro-credentials are inexpensive upskilling courses delivered through branded online continuing education certificates that drive job performance and career advancement. These alternative credentials are the future of workforce development for public health practitioners and help them engage in continuous professional growth. These flexible and innovative pathways are available for students and professionals to help them scale and speed to career placement. Micro-credentials are a series of micro-courses it may take up to 6 weeks to complete each course.

    Our featured programs are listed below:

  • Micro-courses consist of a series of lectures that offer a digital badge and continuing education credit for professionals looking to upskill or reskill in a specific area. Micro-courses are aligned with practice needs and designed to support career readiness and professional advancement. Micro-courses may consist of up to 8 hours of online stackable webinars.

    Our featured programs are listed below:

  • Explore our library of high-quality online continuing education webinars covering popular public health cases, best practices, feature-focused webinars, and more. Each lecture is separately accredited by CEPH.

    Our featured programs are listed below: