Dean's Office

Deans History

A jewel in the crown of the University of South Florida, the College of Public Health was founded in statute by the Florida Legislature in 1984 as the first school of public health in the state.
  • Peter J. Levin, ScD

    Dean (1984-1994)

  • John H. Skinner, EdD

    Interim Dean (1994)

  • Phillip J. Marty, PhD

    Interim Dean (1994-1995)

  • Charles S. Mahan, MD

    Dean (1995-2002)

  • Ann C. DeBaldo, PhD

    Interim Dean (2002)

  • Laurence G. Branch, PhD

    Dean (2002-2003)

  • Stanley N. Graven, MD

    Interim Dean (2003-2004)

  • Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH

    Dean (2004-present)