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Center for Global Health and Inter-Disciplinary Research



Our projects and degree programs integrate modern genomic approaches to understand and help develop solutions for some of the major challenges affecting global health and especially our Florida community. The USF Genomics program offers an interdisciplinary public health framework Genomics MPH, MSPH and PhD program through the USF College of Public Health, ranked within the Top 20 in the United States. The computational and sequencing cores support the program through the provision of laboratory and computational analytical services and training for participant labs across campus. Opportunities exist for new graduate students to join well-funded research programs to study disease causes from underlying drug resistance and virulence genes in pathogenic organisms to changes of microbial communities within our bodies to the marine environment, as well as strengthen their laboratory and computational skills through the genomics core internship. The mission of the Genomics program is to foster scholars and studies that cross many boundaries of traditional scientific fields, integrating bioscience approaches in experimental and environmental research with computation biology.

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