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MPH with a Concentration in Genomics

MPH in Genomics; 42 credit hours; traditional learning format

The MPH with a concentration in genomics is an in-person curriculum designed to train students in genomics within a public health context. There is an urgent need for a public health workforce that is well-versed in the vocabulary and methods of genetics and genomics. The COVID pandemic raised awareness of genome sequencing and its relation to understanding disease susceptibility and progression in real time. Plus, workforce demand is high for individuals trained in genomics. Students will have the opportunity to select courses from areas such as bioinformatics and computational analysis, medical and molecular genetics, experimental design, and evolutionary genomics.

  • MPH students in genomics complete an applied practice experience (APE) and an integrated learning experience (ILE) as part of their degree requirements, which enable them to apply the skills and methods learned in the program. Experiences may include working with data, i.e. participating in data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of results. Students may also complete their experiences at non-profit organizations, research institutes or centers, health departments, or relevant companies.
  • Graduates from this concentration are well-positioned to enter genomics-related program management jobs in health care, nonprofits, and the private sector, or to serve as clinical data managers for genomics-related clinical databases. Students who have focused on bioinformatics or computational analysis will be prepared for employment as data scientists, as research and development professionals in life science related fields, or future graduate training.
  • To learn more, please contact a Pre-Admissions Advisor at (813) 974-6505 or