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The world needs trained, dedicated, innovative, collaborative individuals ready to change the world. Together, we can prevent injustices, reduce disparities and improve health for all.  At USF, we will help you discover your passion and provide you with the skills needed to put that passion to practice. Together, we can be the change!

What Makes USF's COPH Different

At USF's COPH, we are passionate about improving health for all. Our students learn by doing and engage with a hands-on, practice-based curriculum that prepares them to understand and diagnose critical issues, combat emerging public health challenges and advocate for change.

As a student at USF's COPH, your program will begin with our foundational core curriculum. We have led the way in public health as one of the first colleges to develop an integrated and practice-based curriculum designed to better address the complex challenges of the 21st century. From day one, students at the COPH engage in active skill-building while fostering professional development throughout their program. As a graduation requirement, all students will also take the Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam, allowing all MPH students to graduate with both an MPH degree and the CPH certification.

At USF's COPH, we work hard because there is hard work to be done. And in doing so, we continue to lead the way in public health.