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Center for Global Health and Inter-Disciplinary Research

One Health Codeathon

Presentation at the Codeathon in front of the group (2019)

The USF One Health Codeathon is an annual event hosted by the USF Omics Hub that allows individuals from across different disciplines come together to solve a problem using coding and team work to build a project and write a manuscript that could potentially result in a publication. The Codeathon last for 3 days. See stories below from Please view Codeathon stories below

codeathon winners posing for pictures

Codeathon 2022: First place Winners Team 3A (Rareform)

Team 3A (Rareform) led by Dr. Awtum Brashear from the Liwang Cui lab, and Dr. Deborah Cragun the Director of the Genetic Counseling MSPH took home first place in the second online edition of the USF One Health Codeathon. The interest in the event reached new heights. The easily accessible online platform has allowed for attendants from as far as Arizona State University participate in the Codeathon. Ten teams total, the most in the history of the USF codeathon in a collaborative effort to tackle rare and neglected diseases using bioinformatics and cross-disciplinary approaches.  

The USF One Health Codeathon will return to an in-person format in 2023

Team 3A (Rareform) Posing for a group picture. First Place in the 2022 codeathon
Deborah Cragun, Awtum Brashear, Sara Stubben, Chang Li and Motahareh Pourbehzadi
Not Pictured: Mirshokhid Okilbekov and David Enoma

Group of people at their desks looking into their web cameras

Second Place: Team 1A

Led by: Thomas Keller, Blanca Camoretti-Mercado
Team Members: Meredith Olson and William Namm

Thomas Keller, Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, William Namm and Meredith Olson

Team members looking at their webcameras smiling

Third place: Team 5B

Led by: Abdulmelik Mohammed, Stephan Villavicencio

Team Members: Lina Fajardo Gomez, Laura Borgerding, Stephan Villavicencio, Kevin Nuño, Abdulmelik Mohammed 

Team 1b looking at their web cameras

Team 1B

Led by: Ming Ji and Angel Luis Fernandez Robles 
Team Members: Parisa Karimzadeh, Adhithyan Rangarajan, and Marangelie Criado Marrero

Team 1B Pictured: Ming Ji, Marangelie Criado Marrero, Adhithyan Rangarajan, and Parisa Karimzadeh
Not Pictured: Angel Luis Robles Fernandez

Team 3b looking into their webcameras

Team 3B (Slimy)

Led by: Swamy Rakesh Adapa and Maureen Groer
Team Members: Brandon Ramsey, Nisha VijayaKumar, Kok Cheng Tan, and Elena Valkanova

Kok Cheng Tan, Elena Valkanova, and Swamy Rakesh Adapa

Not Pictured:
Brandon Ramsey, Maureen Groer, Nisha Vijayakumar

Team 4A member looking into their web cameras

Team 4A

Led By: Anujit Sarkar and Yibo Dong
Team members: Ojas Natarajan and Jean Lim

Team 4B Pictured: Jean Lim, Anujit Sarkar, Yibo Dong, and Ojas Natarajan

Team 4b looking at their cameras and one person with camera off

Team 4B

Led By: Ryan McMinds and Stephanie Rosales, 
Team Members: Stephanie Suarez, Jefferson Taylor and Sasha Post

Team 4B Stephanie Suarez, Ryan McMinds, Jefferson Taylor, and Stephanie Rosales 
Not Pictured: Sasha Post 

team 5A members smiling into their web cameras

Team 5A

Led by: Justin Gibbons
Team members: Linh Duong and Abhay Sobhanan

Justin Gibbons, Abhay Sobhanan and Linh Duong

team 2b looking into camera

Team 2B

Led by: Agaz Wani
Team Members: Jan Dahrendorff, Hyacinth Burrowes, Xochitl Diaz

Hyacinth Burrowes, Xochitl Diaz, and Agaz Wani
Not Pictured: Jan Dahrendorff

Team 2A

Not Pictured
Led by: Gloria Ferreira, Daniel McSkimming
Team members: McKenzie mcIntyre, Bingjie Wang, Olajumoke Ojeleye, Jinyong Pang, Eric Arnold

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