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Birth Certificate Accuracy Improvement


Birth Certificate Initiative (BCI)

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Birth certificates are an invaluable source of information for assessing risks and quality of maternal and infant health outcomes. Hospitals and researchers use these data to ascertain where improvement is needed and where hospitals are succeeding in ensuring the optimal birth and health outcomes for mothers and babies. Without complete and accurate data, this is not feasible.

BCI’s purpose was to improve the accuracy of birth certificate reporting for health care quality improvement and public health purposes.  Based on a pilot with nine hospitals, BCI improved birth certificate reporting in a simple, worthwhile fashion.  

2018 - 2019

  • Tools

    BCI Guide 2018
    This concise document provides an overview of the 23 key variables including variable definitions, sources of information and where they can be located within the birth certificate.

    BCI Instruction Manual 2018
    This document provides detailed information on the 23 key variables including variable definitions, the location of the variables in the birth certificate, tips for entry, keywords and abbreviations, and the recommended source of information for each variable.

    Data Reporting Checklist 2018 (PDF) | Data Reporting Checklist 2018 (Excel)
    This document will be used to record your monthly audits. Either version can be used.

  • Webinars and Training

    BCI Kick Off Webinar - July 2018


    Improving the Reporting Accuracy of Total Number of Prenatal Visits
    BCI Kick Off Webinar - August 23, 2018

    Improving the Reporting Accuracy of Mother's Weight - September 2018

    Improving the Reporting Accuracy of Antibiotics During Labor - October 2018

    Improving Reporting Accuracy: Where Are We Now, and What's Next? - December 2018


    Improving Reporting Accuracy: Assisted Ventilation - January 2019

    Improving Report Accuracy: Antenatal Corticosteroids - March 2019

    A Photo Finish: Celebrating your Success - June 2019

  • Participating Hospitals

    • BayCare-Morton Plant Hospital
    • Bayfront Health
    • Holmes Regional Medical Center
    • Jupiter Medical Center
    • Lee Health Cape Coral Hospital
    • Mease Countryside Hospital
    • Memorial Regional Hospital
    • Mount Sinai Medical Center
    • Palmetto General Hospital
    • Parrish Medical Center
    • Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System
    • St. Joseph’s Hospital South
    • St. Joseph's Hospital North
    • Tampa General Hospital
    • U F Health Jacksonville
    • Winnie Palmer Hospital
    • Winter Haven Women's Hospital