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Researchers Directory

Ashley Curtis

Research Expertise: cognition, aging, sleep, sex differences, cognitive training interventions, web-based interventions, heart rate variability, neuroimaging, Alzheimer’s and related dementias, randomized clinical trials, meta-analysis

Carmen Rodriguez

Carmen Rodriguez

Clinical Expertise: oncology, homeless population

Research Expertise: head and neck cancer, breast cancer, technology-enhanced communication interventions, sudden speechlessness, cancer-related symptom management

Cecile Lengacher

Cecile Lengacher

Research Expertise: Biobehavioral integrative therapies, intervention development & testing in RCTs’ for self-regulation of symptoms, (pain, fatigue, sleep, emotions, cognitive, bio-behavioral stress hormones, cytokines, genetics), cancer survivors, caregivers, model, theory development, costs of care

Cheedy Jaja

Cheedy Jaja

Clinical Expertise: Sickle Cell Disease; Psych and mental health

Research Expertise: Pharmacogenetics, health systems strengthening; health equity, Nurse Champion model, implementation and dissemination science, pain management, and precision medicine


Christina McCrae

Research Expertise: sleep and related bio- behavioral and neurocognitive mechanisms (e.g., arousal, cognition, pain, brain structure & function, stress, inflammation, neuro degeneration) in comorbid chronic insomnia in a variety of common co-occurring conditions (e.g., autism, chronic pain, cancer, obesity) and populations (e.g., autism caregivers, dementia caregivers); behavioral sleep medicine; RCTs; treatment delivery across multiple platforms (in-person, telehealth, digital); community-based translation, dis semination, and implementation

Constance Visovsky, PhD, RN, ACNP, FAAN

Constance Visovsky

Clinical Expertise: oncology, diabetes

Research Expertise: chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, breast cancer, physical activity/exercise, gait/balance, muscle strength assessment, RCT design, implementation & data management

Deanne Turner

DeAnne Turner

Research Expertise: mixed-methods, qualitative, HIV, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), sexual health, access to care, LGBTQ+ health, thematic analysis, integration of data, social-behavioral health, implementation science, community-engaged research

Jen Kue

Jennifer Kue

Research Expertise: community-engaged research, CBPR, cancer screening (BC, CC, CRC), cancer survivorship, health literacy, social determinants of health, health disparities, refugee and immigrant health, program evaluation, global health, qualitative and mixed-methods


Kelley Baumgartel

Clinical Expertise: NICU, labor/delivery

Research Expertise: Genomics, lactation, preterm infants, mothers with hospitalized infants, donor milk, perinatal sleep

Theresa Beckie, PhD

Theresa Beckie

Research Expertise: Psychometrics, quantitative research design (including RCTs), statistical methods, women’s health, cardiovascular disease, mobile health, behavior change interventions, anxiety/depression, quality of life

Kaitlyn Rechenberg

Kaitlyn Rechenberg

Clinical Expertise: pediatrics, behavioral health, diabetes, adolescent medicine

Research Expertise: diabetes, anxiety/depressive symptoms, behavioral health interventions, self-management of chronic medical conditions, qualitative and mixed methods

Pon Athilingam

Ponrathi Athilingam

Clinical Expertise: Acute Care Cardiology Nurse Practitioner and heart failure

Research Expertise: Technology-based intervention for heart failure, COPD, AI and machine learning, and cognitive intervention

Stephanie Prescott

Stephanie Prescott

Clinical Expertise: Neonatal nurse practitioner

Research Expertise: microbiome, biobehavioral mechanisms, immunology, systems biology, murine models

Ukamaka Oruche

Ukamaka Oruche

Research Expertise: Child and adolescent mental health, behavioral health, family caregiver and health provider interaction/communication, health disparities or social determinants of health, treatment engagement, global health, community-engaged intervention or program development and evaluation

uma nair

Uma Nair

Research Expertise: Health equity, behavioral interventions, nicotine and tobacco dependence intervention, women’s health, sexual and gender minority health promotion

Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN

Usha Menon

Research Expertise: testing interventions to improve health outcomes specifically related to cancer screening, diabetes self-management, and access to primary care for underserved populations, and studying the processes and impact of implementing successful interventions in practice settings.

Victoria Marshall

Victoria Marshall

Clinical Expertise: nephrology, gerontology

Research Expertise: oncology behavioral health, self-management of medication and symptoms, medication beliefs, qualitative research, conceptual design

Melanie Stearns

Melanie Stearns

Research Expertise: pediatric and adult sleep, behavioral interventions (i.e., sleep, CBT, parent management training), RCTs, parenting behaviors, subjective and physiological stress/arousal, pediatric and parental psychopathology (i.e., Oppositional Defiant Disorder, anxiety, depression), specialized caregiver and child populations (i.e., grandparents raising grandchildren, kincare), parent-child gender dyad differences, and parent-child interactions

Tometich Danielle headshot

Danielle Tometich

Research Expertise: cancer-related cognitive impairment, health behavior change for symptom management, and patient-reported outcomes of novel cancer treatments

Ryan Pace

Ryan Pace

Research Expertise: Microbiome, Maternal and Child Health, Human Milk and Lactation, Immunology, Multi-Omics, Bioinformatics, Development