Researchers Directory

  • Ashley Curtis Ashley Curtis
    Research expertise: cognition, aging, sleep, sex differences, cognitive training interventions, web-based interventions, heart rate variability, neuroimaging, Alzheimer’s and related dementias, randomized clinical trials, meta-analysis
  • Carmen Rodriguez Carmen Rodriguez
    Clinical expertise: oncology, homeless population
  • Cecile Lengacher Cecile Lengacher
    Research expertise: Biobehavioral integrative therapies, intervention development & testing in RCTs’ for self-regulation of symptoms, (pain, fatigue, sleep, emotions, cognitive, bio-behavioral stress hormones, cytokines, genetics), cancer survivors, caregivers, model, theory development, costs of care
  • Cheedy Jaja Cheedy Jaja
    Clinical expertise: Sickle Cell Disease; Psych and mental health
  • McCrae-Christina Christina McCrae
    Research expertise: sleep and related bio- behavioral and neurocognitive mechanisms (e.g., arousal, cognition, pain, brain structure & function, stress, inflammation, neuro degeneration) in comorbid chronic insomnia in a variety of common co-occurring conditions (e.g., autism, chronic pain, cancer, obesity) and populations (e.g., autism caregivers, dementia caregivers); behavioral sleep medicine; RCTs; treatment delivery across multiple platforms (in-person, telehealth, digital); community-based translation, dis semination, and implementation
  • Constance Visovsky, PhD, RN, ACNP, FAAN Constance Visovsky
    Clinical expertise: oncology, diabetes
  • Deanne Turner DeAnne Turner
    Research expertise: mixed-methods, qualitative, HIV, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), sexual health, access to care, LGBTQ+ health, thematic analysis, integration of data, social-behavioral health, implementation science, community-engaged research
  • Jen Kue Jennifer Kue
    Research expertise: community-engaged research, CBPR, cancer screening (BC, CC, CRC), cancer survivorship, health literacy, social determinants of health, health disparities, refugee and immigrant health, program evaluation, global health, qualitative and mixed-methods
  • Kelley-Baumgartel Kelley Baumgartel
    Clinical expertise: NICU, labor/delivery
  • Laura Szalacha Laura Szalacha
    Research expertise: Quantitative: Regression and Multilevel modeling, Structural Equation Modeling, Instrument development) Qualitative: Interviewing, Focus Groups and Mixed Methods, as well as program evaluation. Substantive research: LGBTQ psychology, health behaviors, Social Determinants of Health, prejudice/ discrimination
  • Theresa Beckie, PhD Theresa Beckie
    Research expertise: Psychometrics, quantitative research design (including RCTs), statistical methods, women’s health, cardiovascular disease, mobile health, behavior change interventions, anxiety/depression, quality of life
  • Kaitlyn Rechenberg Kaitlyn Rechenberg
    Clinical expertise: pediatrics, behavioral health, diabetes, adolescent medicine
  • Ming Ji Ming Ji
    Research expertise: statistics, data analysis, statistical modeling, computer simulation, health behaviors, clinical trials, tobacco control, physical activity, innovative study designs, big data, machine learning, AI
  • Pon Athilingam Ponrathi Athilingam
    Clinical Expertise: Acute Care Cardiology Nurse Practitioner and heart failure
  • Stephanie Marhefka Stephanie Marhefka
    Research expertise: social and behavioral factors affecting health and disease; health psychology; HIV care, treatment, medication adherence, care retention, and prevention; health equity; telehealth and digital health solutions; smoking cessation; social and behavioral interventions; sexual health; adolescent health; breastfeeding behavior and related social and policy matters; disease disclosure; dissemination and implementation science; randomized controlled trials; mixed methods approach
  • Stephanie Prescott Stephanie Prescott
    Clinical expertise: Neonatal nurse practitioner
  • Ukamaka Oruche Ukamaka Oruche
    Dr. Oruche has established and sustained an impactful program of research focused on the mental health care of children, especially those with disruptive, impulsive, and conduct disorders (DICs) and their family caregivers. While she is committed to reducing health disparities in mental health treatment nationally, she is also highly invested in transnational research to reduce unequal care of patients with mental disorders in Low and Middle Income countries (LMICs).
  • uma nair Uma Nair
    Research expertise: Health equity, behavioral interventions, nicotine and tobacco dependence intervention, women’s health, sexual and gender minority health promotion
  • Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN Usha Menon
    Dr. Menon’s research focus is testing interventions to improve health outcomes specifically related to cancer screening, diabetes self-management, and access to primary care for underserved populations, and studying the processes and impact of implementing successful interventions in practice settings.
  • Victoria Marshall Victoria Marshall
    Clinical expertise: nephrology, gerontology