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Where Nursing Trailblazers Belong
USF Health Nursing School ranked Best Grad School by U.S. News & World Report for Master's.   USF Health Nursing School ranked Best Grad School by U.S. News & World Report for Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Preparing the Nurses of Tomorrow

Welcome to the University of South Florida's premier nursing program, the USF Health College of Nursing.

In all that we do every day, our goal is to employ the core values of excellence, innovation, inclusion, and respect to educate future nurses, advance nursing science, and implement evidence-based clinical practice to improve health and wellness. Our faculty and staff promote interdisciplinary research collaborations, and we partner with a wide range of clinical practices and heath care facilities. [READ MORE]

College of Nursing News

“To be a part of the fight to cure cancer is a privilege.” Jennifer Cardenas is currently a fellow at Moffitt Cancer Center, focusing on malignant hematology and BMT-CI. The College of Nursing assists with providing accreditation to our clinical partners for Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Fellowsh … [read more]
“When you bring the right people together – people who lead with empathy and kindness and who are willing to pitch in, learn and grow – you can do anything.” USF Health College of Nursing Project Manager Emily Kent started her journey at the college in 2019. After graduating from the University of F … [read more]
In the fall of 1990, an ambitious 17-year-old from Titusville, Florida migrated 122 miles to begin her undergrad at the University of South Florida. Today, we know that dream chaser as Kimberly Brown, the Contract Administrator for the College of Nursing. [read more]
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