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Student Research

student research

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student participation in research is an integral part of the educational opportunities provided by the College of Nursing. Faculty engage students in a variety of ways, including with course experiences, as research assistants, and through conferences or global opportunities. Students at the undergraduate level engage in the research process in three major ways: through an independent study, in the USF honors program, or working with a faculty advisor in formal and informal research assistant positions. Independent study with expert faculty provides the opportunity for undergraduates to develop the intellectual stimulation to ask questions and formulate hypotheses in specific areas. Participating on research teams as assistants enables students to gain the experiential learning of the research process, up to and including writing for publication. Students who have enrolled in the USF Honors College work closely with a College of Nursing faculty advisor to meet their project goals, which engages them in all aspects of the research process, and have additional opportunities and access to nurse scientists that help them prepare for a career in scientific inquiry.

For more information about undergraduate research at the University of South Florida, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Graduate Research

Advancing the science of health care delivery and outcomes for patients, families and communities is an integral part of our mission at the USF College of Nursing. Graduate students have opportunities to participate on faculty research teams, as well as be mentored to develop their own scientific questions. Our faculty are committed to mentoring developing scholars in diverse ways, such as with research participation, writing grants and publications, and developing scientific presentations. Through their faculty mentors, graduate students have access to interdisciplinary experts across USF. The Office of Research & Scholarship provides support to students who apply for competitive extramural funding, such as from the National Institutes of Health, as well as national and regional foundations and professional organizations.

For more information about the graduate student research in the college and the university, please visit the following pages: