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Funded Research

Principal Investigator Title Sponsor
Baumgartel, Kelley The Administration of Time-Matched Breast Milk: Infant Sleep Protection and Promotion University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing
Curtis, Ashley Novel Adaptive Cognitive Training in Autistic Adults with Co-Occurring Insomnia American Academy of Sleep Foundation Medicine
Gauthier, Kristine
National Center on Health, Behavioral Health, and Safety Educational Development Center
Gauthier, Kristine National Center for Healthy Housing USF Subgrant
National Center for Healthy Housing
Hay, Brittany The CVS Health Foundation FNP/PA Scholarship CVS Health Foundation
Jaja, Cheedy Expanding Access to Sickle Cell Disease Care in Sierra Leone (The EASEL Pilot Implementation Project)  Novo Nordisk
Jaja, Cheedy Integrating Nurse Champion Model for Group Reproductive Genetic Counseling for Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathies into Primary Care: A Pilot Implementation Science Study National Institutes of Health
Jaja, Cheedy The Nurse Champion Model for Sickle Cell Disease Early Diagnosis and Care Access  National Institutes of Health
Kue, Jennifer Southeast Asian Women's Health Project American Cancer Society
Kue, Jennifer Southwest Florida Cancer Collaboration Coordination  Florida Department of Health (CDC)
Kue, Jennifer
The "Mo-Bull" Community Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Project Moffitt Cancer Center
Marhefka, Stephanie The Positively Quit Trial: Addressing Disproportionate Smoking Rates Among People Living with HIV National Institutes of Health 
Marshall, Victoria Exploring the Use of a Web-Based Program for Older Adults Receiving Oral Anticancer Agents to Improve Communication and Self-Management
National Institutes of Health 
McCrae, Christina Improving Sleep and Reducing Opioid Use in Individuals with Chronic Pain National Institutes of Health 
McCrae, Christina
Web-based CBT for Insomnia in Rural Dementia Caregivers: Examination of Sleep, Arousal, Mood, Cognitive, and Immune Outcomes
National Institutes of Health
McCrae, Christina Targeting Insomnia in School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Department of Defense
McCrae, Christina Sleep as a Mechanism of Change In Alcohol Use Outcomes among Heavy-Drinking Adults - Univ. of Missouri 
National Institutes of Health
Prescott, Stephanie The Scientific Value of Premature Infant Biospecimens Collection National Institutes of Health 
Rechenberg, Kaitlyn E. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
National Institute of Nursing Research
Stearns, Melanie  Transactional Relationship between Child Behavior and Sleep American Sleep Medicine Foundation
Stearns, Melanie  Daily Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Grandchild Sleep Sleep Research Society Foundation
Tometich, Danielle Cancer-related cognitive impairment: Real-time evaluation and assessment of long-term impact of treatment on young adult survivors (CRCI REALITY)  National Institutes of Health 
Turner, DeAnne E. 
Delivery of PrEP to Key Populations in Kenya: Applying Coincidence Analysis to Determine Effective Implementation Strategies NIH/NIMH
Turner, DeAnne E. 
Disease Intervention Specialist Training Academy (DISTA) Florida Department of Health (CDC)
Turner, DeAnne E.  Centers for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS: Using Coincidence Analysis to Investigate Factors Affecting PrEP Initiation and Continuation in Southern Ending the Epidemic Counties Yale University/National Institute of Mental Health
Visovsky, Constance G. Home-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Taxane-Induced CIPN National Institutes of Health
Visovsky, Constance G.

Morgan, Sandra
Home-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Individuals with post-COVID-19 Persistent Dyspnea Florida Nurses Foundation
Visovsky, Constance G.

Moreno, Maria
Exploring Self-Management Behaviors Among Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors with Type 2 Diabetes
Florida Organization for Nursing

Funded Education/Training Grants

Principal Investigator Title Sponsor
Canale, Michelle L. Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Education Health Resources and Services Administration
Menon, Usha Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention Health Resources and Services Administration