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At the USF College of Nursing, our nurse scientists are conducting research that can impact populations throughout the world. Our faculty are on the front lines of health care delivery, putting them in a unique position to study social determinants of health and improve health equity.

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What Is Precision Science?

Precision science considers humans’ physical and social environments and how those factors influence the risk, subsequent progression, and response to treatment of serious diseases. Under the precision science umbrella, our faculty scientists are studying topics such as symptom self-management among patients and informal caregivers (e.g., CVD, COPD, cancer, critical care, Type 1 and 2 diabetes), as well microbiology, microbiome and psychoneuroimmunology.

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What Is Data Systems Science?

Through data and systems science, as well as implementation science, our faculty researchers are developing and testing data-driven solutions to health care issues. Focus areas include data mining and predictive analyses to identify and test factors that lead to improved patient experiences and better health outcomes.

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What Is Health Determinants Science?

Complex circumstances, complex interactions, and feedback loops call for complex solutions that result in enhancing our understanding of health equity, special and vulnerable populations, healthy aging, health promotion, and social factors (community, environmental). Our faculty research seeks to advance our understanding of this multi-factorial area and its relationships to health outcomes.

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What Is Implementation Science?

As effective evidence-based strategies are widely available, the need to study the translation of findings to real-world settings has become imperative. Our faculty study the science of dissemination (distribution of an intervention to intended settings) and implementation (process and success of integrating interventions in to practice settings). 

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