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Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

Taxi Services

Fatigued? Unavoidable extended shift? Sudden illness?

USF Health and GME is committed to the safety of all of our Housestaff who have worked extended shifts or are fatigued or too ill to drive home from an affiliated hospital.

To that end, we are pleased to provide a Trainee Taxi Voucher Program that residents and fellows may utilize for safe transportation home under the guidelines listed below.

As a USF resident or fellow, you may receive a voucher for cab fare or reimbursement of Uber/Lyft fare if you feel fatigued-regardless of the length of the shift you've worked. 

Fare Reimbursement

Procedure for Uber/Lyft Fare Reimbursement:

1. Downloads either the Uber or Lyft app to their smart phone.

2. Provides the GME office with detailed route information for reimbursement to include pick-up and drop-off location. Details below on where to find this information:

 Uber  Lyft

 Submit Your Trip print out as well as credit card
statement showing related charge,
or confirmation email

 Submit Route History showing 
reimbursable route

3. Submits documents for reimbursement within 30 days to the GME business office.

Taxi vouchers are available at the following locations 

All Children's/John Hopkins

Taxi vouchers are available for residents and fellows by calling the Security office, phone # is 727-767-3300, which is manned 24/7. When a USF resident or fellow needs a voucher they call that # and security will assist in getting the voucher to them. 


Taxi vouchers can be accessed by visiting the Administrator on Duty (AOD) Desk, which is located on the first floor of the main hospital, near the Main Lab/Urgent Care. The AODs can be reached at 972.2000, extensions 6197/6196. 

Moffitt Cancer Center

Our taxi vouchers are in a binder at the Red Valet (main MCC entrance) security desk. Any of the security officers working the desk can find the book—it is clearly marked—but they might not know what the resident/fellow is asking about when first approached. It’s hardly ever used so people forget it’s even there. All they have to do is ask and they will get 2 vouchers—one to go and one to come back.

Morton Plant/Mease

Vouchers are not provided, but the Facility will reimburse the cost of taxi service; contact Jamie Harrington at the Family Medicine GME Office (


Vouchers are available to residents and fellows through the Security office; if any questions in getting a voucher, ask for the Security Supervisor.

The Office of GME urges housestaff who feel that they are unable to get home in a safe manner to take advantage of the Program. Please remember that this program was created in order to help you arrive home safely under the particular adverse circumstances described in this policy and not for your convenience or to defray the cost of your regular commuting expenses.