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Surgical Therapies

When conservative therapies fail to correct your symptoms, USF Urogynecologic surgeons can perform many types of surgeries to successfully treat your pelvic floor complaints.  Some of the most common surgical options are listed below.  For a more complete and detailed list, talk to your doctor.
For pelvic organ prolapse (Cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, “dropped bladder”), our surgeons may offer:

Minimally invasive vaginal vault suspensions, including:

  • Da Vinci(tm) Robotic sacrocolpopexy with/without hysterectomy. 

  • Da Vinci (tm) Robotic uterosacral suspension with/without hysterectomy. 

  • Laparoscopic uterosacral suspension with/without hysterectomy. 

  • Laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy with/without hysterectomy.

Vaginally performed procedures, including:

  • Anterior repair, without or with mesh augmentation. 

  • Posterior repair 

  • Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation 

  • Uterosacral ligament suspension 

  • Paravaginal repairs

Although we routinely do our procedures using a minimally invasive approach, there are times that patients do require open abdominal procedure, including:

  • Traditional open Sacrocolpopexy with/without hysterectomy.

For women with bothersome overactive bladder symptoms or urgency urinary incontinence that does not respond to medications and behavioral therapies, we offer:

  • Sacral neuromodulation (INTERSTIM). 

  • Intradetruson botox injection 

  • Percutaneous tibial nerve modulation (PTNM) 

For women with “stress type” urinary incontinence, we offer:

  • Retropubic (TVT) and transobturator (TOT) midurethral slings 

  • Autologous Slings (made from your own tissues) 

  • Burch urethropexy 

  • Urethal bulking 

For women with fistulas, we offer:

  • Da Vinci™ Robotic vesicovaginal fistula repair

  • Transvaginal rectovaginal fistula repair.   

For women with accidental bowel leakage or Fecal Incontinence, we offer:

  • Anal Sphincteroplasty 

  • Sacral neuromodulation (INTERSTIM) 

  • Vaginal wall reconstruction