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As girls grow and mature, they will need a range of gynecologic care, including an introduction to the importance of caring for their bodies. At USF Health, our health care providers are experts in general gynecology – physicians and nurse practitioners in our midwifery program – who understand the health concerns of girls transitioning into adolescents.

Girls should usually have their first gynecologic visit between age 13 and 15. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about your first visit to a gynecologist. Most first visits include talking with your health care provider about what future visits may be like, the importance of seeing a health professional regularly, ways to stay healthy, and some more personal questions, including those about your menstrual cycle and sexual activities.

Sometimes, certain exams may need to be performed, such as a general physical exam and an external genital exam. You are more than welcome to have a family member present during these exams. Unless there is a health concern, you will not typically have a pelvic exam (an exam that will look internally at your vagina and cervix) at your first visit.

Other topics you and your health care provider may talk about include vaccinations, acne, weight, infections, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and experiences with emotional ups and downs.

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