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Our feet get us where we are going every day.  

Although we don’t typically think about them, our feet are actually complicated anatomical structures that provide us mobility, balance, and act as shock absorbers when we are active. 

Our foot experts – podiatrists – are specially trained to care for patients experiencing a full-range of foot and ankle related concerns, from minor sports injuries to wound care related to diabetes. As part of an academic medical center, our patients receive a high level of expertise and benefit from the latest diagnostic tools, the newest treatments, and the most effective and successful practices available.

Areas of our foot expertise include:
  • Arthritis: Each foot has 33 joints that can be afflicted with arthritis.
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Our podiatrists can help you successfully manage and avoid foot-related complications, including diabetic wound care, high blood pressure (hypertension), peripheral artery disease, and peripheral neuropathy.
  • Foot and ankle injuries including: sprains, strains and fractures
  • Muscle and tendon problems including: heel pain, tendinitis, and Haglund's Deformity (a bony enlargement of the back of the heel bone, called “pump bump," a deformity that often occurs from women wearing pumps)
  • Skin disorders such as: athlete's foot, corns, calluses, psoriasis, skin cancers of the foot, sweaty feet, and warts.
  • Toe joint and nerve disorders including: bunions, hammer toes, and neuromas. 
  • Toenail problems such as: ingrown toenails and toenail fungus.

Treatment for many of conditions can be accomplished with prescription custom orthotics and shoe inserts. Surgery may be necessary if pain or deformity persists to ease your discomfort or to restore the function of your foot.

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