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Heart Failure

According to the American Heart Association, six million Americans are living with heart failure, and more than 900,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. 

Also known as congestive heart failure, the condition causes the heart to not pump an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to vital organs. A primary symptom of heart failure can be when easy daily activities become harder, such as walking and climbing stairs, but symptoms can also include, persistent coughing, swelling of extremities, weight gain, and lack of appetite.  

Symptoms of heart failure can come on suddenly, as in acute cases, or slowly, progressing over time as in a chronic condition. Other health conditions can contribute to heart failure, as well, including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and diabetes.

At USF Health, our cardiologists are specially trained to diagnose heart failure and treat it using both surgical and pharmacological approaches. In addition, as the only academic medical center in the region, we have the added expertise and newest technology to diagnose and treat the more complex and rare heart conditions.

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