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A steady heart beat keeps blood flowing throughout our bodies. Our hearts don’t just beat on their own – they are dependent on a well-functioning internal electrical system.

When electrical impulses to your heart are uneven, your heart pumps blood erratically causing diminished blood flow to important organs, such as the lungs and brain, eventually leading to organ damage.  Rhythm abnormalities are called arrhythmias and cause symptoms of uneven heartbeats. The majority of arrhythmias are easily corrected or managed through procedures offered by electrophysiologists. 

USF Health has a team of experienced electrophysiologists who are skilled in identifying the cause and the location of a patient’s abnormal heartbeat and determining whether they will need medical therapy or a pacemaker, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, a cardiac ablation procedure, cardiac surgery, or perhaps watchful waiting.  

Our team of four board-certified Electrophysiologists and additional cardiologists proficient in device implantation provide state of the art arrhythmia management through a broad array of cardiac electrophysiology procedures.