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Critical Care, Pulmonary

Grateful Patient Series: Dr. Gaetane Michaud with Noah and Lesli Schwartz

Noah Schwartz began experiencing a heavy cough in April 2021. Within days, physicians diagnosed the 24-year-old from Jupiter, Fla., with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that invades the body’s lymph nodes, which are part of the immune system.

USF Health at the Forefront of Care and Medical Research

USF Health’s team of pulmonary and critical care specialists provide personalized treatment to critically ill patients with disorders of the chest, lungs, and airways. Our pulmonary consultation services ensure patients with critical illness or thoracic diseases receive comprehensive and timely evaluations of a wide variety of pulmonary symptoms, radiographic abnormalities and respiratory diseases. Through clinical trials and innovative research, we continue to advance our understanding of these disorders to improve your care. 

Locations for Critical Care

Many breathing problems cause disruptions in sleep. USF Health also offers expertise in sleep disorders and a dedicated Sleep Disorders Center. 

Our comprehensive services for lung and breathing-related conditions include:

  • Medical ICU care
  • In-patient pulmonary consultation
  • Out-patient pulmonary consultation (including urgent visits)
  • Supervision of pulmonary rehabilitation services
  • Pulmonary function laboratory testing and interpretation
  • Interventional pulmonary procedures
  • Sleep Center
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Center
  • Thoracic oncology program

Tampa General Hospital and USF Health work together as a multidisciplinary team, and take a multi-specialty approach to transplant surgery.  We are an academic-affiliated lung transplant program that builds upon the solid foundation laid by Tampa General Hospital’s lung transplant team to create what could be Florida’s first center for advanced lung disease.


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