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Perinatal Quality Indicators System


The Perinatal Quality Indicators (PQI) Initiative supports hospital quality improvement efforts by providing hospital-specific semi-annual or quarterly reports of perinatal indicators and related reports.

PQI is offered to all Florida delivery hospitals at no charge and hospitals can enroll at any time.

FPQC’s PQI have been adapted from measures provided by leading national groups such as the Joint Commission, National Quality Forum, Vermont Oxford Network, California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative(CMQCC), and the Leapfrog Group. The FPQC Data Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from participating hospitals and state partnering organizations, selects and revises data indicators, as well as recommends presentation format.  



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What will hospitals get from participating?

  • Semi-annual or quarterly reports for current indicators
  • Brief training modules on the data for hospital liaison 
  • FPQC support for QI efforts resulting from your hospital data

What will hospitals need to do to participate?

  • Complete two online training modules
  • Complete two brief surveys per year
  • Work on improving your hospital’s data quality based on issues identified from your hospital’s PQI report with support from the FPQC or Florida Department of Health

Hospitals do not have to submit any additional data to the FPQC to get these reports.

For more information on the initiative, please view the materials and FAQ below. Contact FPQC@usf.edu with any questions.


No, hospitals do not submit data to the FPQC. Data used for the indicators comes birth certificate and inpatient hospital discharge data. Birth certificate data is provided by the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and inpatient hospital discharge data is provided to the FPQC by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA).
Yes, as part of this initiative, your hospital is committing to reviewing reports and identifying areas for improvement. Your hospital should identify a quality improvement project related to the perinatal indicators.

Currently, there are eight (8) sets of indicators provided to hospitals. Each set contains related indicators. 

  1. Antenatal Corticosteroid Treatment     
  2. Failed Induction of Labor
  3. Low Risk Primary Cesarean Section (Nulliparous, Term, Singleton, Vertex)   
  4. Non-Medically Indicated Deliveries <39 Weeks       
  5. Postpartum Hemorrhage     
  6. Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy   
  7. Severe Maternal Morbidity     
  8. Unexpected Newborn Complications

New perinatal indicators may be proposed and offered. 

Currently hospital receive their reports bi-annually (May and December), and can access their reports live through Dashboard, with the option to print out reports. In the future, this may be increased to quarterly. 
FPQC will gladly assist your hospital team with interpreting your hospital’s data reports, improving your hospital’s data quality, identifying an area for improvement in patient safety, and referring you to resources to help your hospital implement a quality improvement project.