Morsani College of
Medicine Admissions

Waitlist Process for Core and SELECT

The Medical Student Selection Committee reviews waitlist applicants as seats become available throughout the summer.

1. After the April 30th AMCAS deadline has passed for accepted students, the Medical Student                 Selection Committee may have the opportunity to call upon waitlist applicants to fill seats that may       become available. Please note that seats may not be available right after April 30th; this is merely a     starting point of potential waitlist movement.

2. We cannot disclose your position on the waitlist to you or anyone else requesting this information.

3. It is okay if you are offered a position off the waitlist for the Fall class from USF MCOM and are             holding an acceptance at another institution. We will work with you so you can make an informed         decision about your medical education. We ask that you communicate with our office any concerns       or time extensions you may need during this time.

4. Please notify our office if you wish to withdraw your position on the waitlist. You may maintain your       waitlist position with the USF MCOM up until the date of matriculation regardless of whether or not       you have accepted a position elsewhere. 

Please note that we will contact you immediately if a seat becomes available.