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MD Admissions FAQ

For your convenience, the Office of MD Admissions has compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our M.D. Program admissions process. Answers to these and many additional questions can be found throughout the MD Admissions website.
The deadline for submitting the AMCAS application to AMCAS in Washington, DC is November 15.
Applicants must make all changes in contact information through AMCAS – not USF Morsani College of Medicine MD Admissions Office. AMCAS will then relay your changes to all the schools to which you have applied. You also should inform AMCAS when you change email accounts.
In order to create the most academically competitive application you should take all prerequisite courses at the most competitive bachelor degree granting institution where you can gain entrance. You should take your pre-requisite courses from your degree granting institution. However, if you started your academic career at a junior college those courses are acceptable for completion of the pre-requisites. In this case you are encouraged to take additional science courses at a bachelor degree granting institution.
USF Morsani College of Medicine does not have a minimum GPA or MCAT requirement. USF utilizes a thorough holistic review of all applications. Any student who chooses to apply to USF through AMCAS will receive our secondary application.
USF Morsani College of Medicine requires students to complete all prerequisite work and bachelor degree coursework prior to matriculation from a regionally accredited institution. Students can major in any academic discipline.
No. Online coursework is not acceptable as fulfilling the prerequisite coursework requirements.
USF will not recognized online degree programs for admission.
January MCAT test scores will not be considered for the same application cycle year.
Yes. The AMCAS application will show your testing history and include the date of every MCAT you have taken since 1991.
No. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents of the US with an alien registration receipt (green) card in their possession when they complete the AMCAS application.
More information on Florida residency can be found through the Office of Registrar.
Acceptable forms of documentation include: At the time of application, we collect your driver's license, vehicle registration and voter registration claim residency. If further proof is needed, you will be asked to provide additional information.

Please view the procedures for Residency Classification.
You will have to follow our regular admissions process: We require that you have citizenship or permanent resident status, either a Bachelor's degree from a United States accredited institution or an international degree that has been found equivalent to one, completed all prerequisite courses from a United States regionally accredited institution and an AMCAS application. You will not receive advanced standing based on coursework completed at your previous medical school.

Please visit the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates and Students website for assistance on continuing/completing your education in the U.S.

Please see USF MCOM's required prerequisite courses.
All correspondence regarding application status is sent via e-mail using the email address you provided on your AMCAS application.
We only consider transfer students who are between the second and third year, who have passed STEP 1 of the USMLE examination, and who are transferring from an LCME- accredited school and are U.S. citizens or hold a Permanent Resident (Green Card) immigration status. For candidates who meet these criteria, the next step is one of space availability in our MD programs. It is typically not until early Spring of each year that we are in a position to evaluate such availability.
Unfortunately, no. This also applies to coursework completed in Canada.

Please call our MD Admissions Office at 813-974-2266 or email us at