MD Program

MD Program Mission, Vision & Values 


The mission of the MD program at the Morsani College of Medicine at the University of South Florida is to provide for the education of students and professionals of the health and biomedical sciences through the creation of a scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of education, research activity and compassionate patient care.


We promise to provide aspiring, passionate students an open culture of accessibility to faculty, patients and technology through a challenging curriculum with diverse educational experiences. Transcending old paradigms, the MD program empowers students by offering them a fresh perspective on learning. We foster an environment where students realize their own creativity and innovation to make a difference in the lives of patient and their community. Upon graduation, our students will possess the skills and confidence as leaders in the ever-changing business of healthcare without ever sacrificing their initial inspiration to care for patients.


The faculty and staff of the MD program commit to these values as guides for our decisions and behaviors: (1) High Standards, (2) Respect for Individuals, (3) Advancing Knowledge, (4) Personal Development and Leadership, and (5) Commitment to Health.