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Olympus FVMPE-RS Multiphoton Excitation Microscope

Olympus FVMPE-RS multiphoton laser scanning microscope is available for deep tissue imaging of fixed samples and live whole animals. This system features two infrared lasers to excite multiple fluorescence dyes optimally for precise multispectral imaging. It also provides resonance scanning mode for high speed imaging and laser light stimulation for photomanipulation of fluorophores such as FRAP and optogenetics. With dedicated multiphoton-specific objectives, these features allow users to image the large samples (up to 8 mm thickness) in multicolor 4D.


  • Twin laser system (MaiTai and InSight X3) for optimal multicolor imaging (680~1300nm).
  • Visible lasers (405, 458, and 588 nm) for photomanipulation and optogenetics with efficient and precise tornado scanning mode.
  • In addition to a high resolution galvanometer scanner, the high speed resonance scanning (up to 438 frames/sec) to capture in vivo response.
  • High sensitivity GaAsP detectors for capturing high signal-to-noise images of low signals from deep tissue.
  • Deep focus mode by adjusting laser beam diameter allows high resolution imaging of light-scattering in vivo specimens.
  • Dedicated multiphoton objectives for imaging large sample (max depth of 8 mm).
  • Motorized large stage allows whole animal imaging and physiological device attachment.
  • Motorized xyz movement allows automated recording of specimen at multiple sites and image stitching.
  • Forward detector for second-harmonic generation (SHG) imaging.


  • Hybrid scanner: conventional high quality galvanometer scanner and high speed resonance scanner
  • IR lasers: MaiTai HPDS (690-1040 nm) and InSight X3 (680-1300nm)
  • Visible lasers for photomanipulation: 405, 458 and 588 nm
  • Detectors: 3 multialkali PMTs and 2 Cooled GaAsP PMTs
  • Multipoint mapping and image stitching.
  • Multicolor Imaging filter cubes: FVG(violet & green), FGR(green & red), FRCY5(red & cy5)
  • 3D deconvolution and rendering functions.


  • 4X XLFLUOR Macro, 0.28NA, WD 29.5 mm
  • 10X XLPLN SVMP, 0.6NA, WD 8 mm
  • 25X XLPLN WMP2 Motorized Correction Collar, 1.05NA, WD 8 mm
  • 25X XLSLPLN GMP, CLARITY, motorized correction collar, 1.0NA, WD 8 mm
  • 20X XLUMPLFLN, Water immersion, 1.0NA, WD 2 mm
  • 60X LUMFLN, water immersion, 1.1NA, WD 1.5 mm

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