Leica SP8 3X STED Laser Confocal Microscope

Leica SP8 3X STED Laser Confocal Microscope

This super-resolution microscope provides spatial resolution well below the limit imposed by the light diffraction (down to 30 nm). Tunable white laser with stimulated emission laser allows multicolor super-resolution imaging in both fixed and live cell. This super-resolution capability allows users to obtain single molecule imaging, which can avoid time-consuming electron microscopy. Multicolor single molecule imaging provides in vivo biochemical tools for investigating molecular interactions.


  • STED allows fast imaging compared to other techniques such as PALM and STORM.
  • STED and highly sensitive HyD detector allow multicolor imaging in live cells and users can use typical fluorescent dyes and proteins.
  • Tunable white light laser with acousto-optical beam splitter allows imaging of any kind of dye combination for true rainbow color imaging (excitation lines from 470 to 670 nm).
  • Tandem scanner with resonance scanning module allows ultrafast image acquisition for large samples and rapid intracellular dynamics.
  • Excitation with resonance scanning and sensitive HyD detector reduces phototoxicity and photobleaching to the samples.
  • Motorized stage and focusing allows collection of high resolution images for construction of montage images.


  • 10X HC PL APO, 0.4NA, WD 2.2 mm
  • 20X HC PL APO, 0.75NA, WD 0.62 mm
  • 63X HC PL APO, Oil immersion, 1.4NA, WD 0.14 mm
  • 100X HC PL APO, 1.40NA, STED WHITE oil objective

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