USF Genomics


USF Genomics represents a consortium of active research programs from different colleges and campuses of USF.

About USF Genomics 

Our projects integrate modern genomic approaches to understand and help develop solutions for some of the major challenges affecting global health and especially our Florida community. USF Genomics research projects are naturally interdisciplinary with studies that cross many boundaries of traditional scientific fields, integrating bioscience approaches in experimental and environmental research with computation biology. Opportunities exist for new graduate students to join well-funded research programs to study disease causes from underlying drug resistance and virulence genes in pathogenic organisms to changes of microbial communities within our bodies to the marine environment.


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Register and Submit Abstracts for the USF Genomics Annual Symposium on November 15, 2019


Register for the 2020 One Health Codeathon at USF: Host-Microbiome Interactions

Human Genomics

USF Genomics: Innovative, investigative and interdisciplinary

COPH Monday Letter article welcoming seven new faculty members 

Science Magazine Publishes USF Research Article

Research by the Center for Global Health and Infectious Disease at USF and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has been published in Science Magazine.

Iron Hack Winning Team

Iron Hack - A USF Genomics/NIH Biohackathon

USF Genomics and NIH held their first joint biohackathon in February, 2019. The event was titled Iron Hack and aimed to build tools to help people with rare blood diseases.