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Olympus FV1200 Spectral Inverted Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

This microscope is capable of acquiring high resolution multicolor fluorescence images of live or fixed biomedical specimens with using 6 laser lines and 6 detectors. By spectral separation of fluorescence emission and sequential scanning, it will be able to produce up to 10 colors 3D images. This microscope also have motorized xyz movement and stage top incubator to capture 4D (3D over time) images of live cells or tissues automatically at multiple sites for a long period time. This microscope is also capable of investigating precise interactions between molecules in vivo and in vitro by laser-based photomanipulation. This microscope is equipped with a newly developed high-sensitive detector that can reduce phototoxicity to the live cells or enhance the low-light imaging. This microscopy also uses a unique SIM (Simultaneous Imaging Module) scanner that have one scanner for imaging and the other scanner for photomanipulation (bleaching or stimulation) simultaneously. This special scanner provides precise information on the molecular dynamics within the cell.


  • Multispectral laser scanning fluorescence microscopy of fixed and live samples with visible lasers and DIC or Ph imaging.
  • Motorized xy and z stage for multi ROI imaging and stitching.
  • ZDC2 (zero drift compensation) module for perfect focusing during long-term imaging.
  • Separate SIM scanner for photomanipulation while imaging.
  • High sensitive HyD detectors for less phototoxicity during live cell imaging.
  • Stage-top microenviornmental chambers for long-term live cell imaging.
  • Capable of photomanipulation for molecular dynamics and interactions (FRAP and FRET).
  • Silicone oil objectives for improved optical performance for live cell imaging.


  • Laser lines: 405, 457, 488, 514, 543, and 635 nm.
  • Fluorescent filters (excitation/emission) for viewing violet (330~385nm/420nm), green (470~495nm/510~550nm), and red (530~550nm/575nm) fluorescence.
  • Objectives:
    - 1.25X PLAN APO 0.04NA
    - 10X UPLAN FL Phase 0.3NA
    - 20X UPLAN SAPO, 0.75NA
    - 40X UPLAN SAPO, 0.90NA
    - 60X PLANAPO, 1.42NA, WD 0.15, oil immersion
    - 30X UPLSAPON, 1.05NA, WD 0.8, Silicone oil objective
    - 40X UPLSAPON, 1.25NA, WD 0.3, Silicone oil objective
    - 60X UPLSAPON, 1.30NA, WD 0.3, Silicone oil objective

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