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Andor Dragonfly Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Andor Dragonfly Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

The Dragonfly system is a versatile multi-dimensional imaging platform offering three key modalities; high-speed/sensitivity spinning disk confocal imaging, laser-illuminated widefield epifluorescence, and high contrast TIRF (total internal reflectance) microscopy. It allows high-resolution multi-color multi-dimensional imaging of live or fixed samples from single cells to organ with fast speed acquisition and photomanipulation. With motorized xyz movement, this system allows users to follow intracellular and intercellular events in high definition for a long period time that is required to investigate the cell and tissue behavior in 4D (3D in time). The photomanipulation allows for imaging the dynamics of subcellular molecules and organelles.


  • It uses a multiple array of micro-laser beams for reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity, enabling long-term imaging of delicate live specimen
  • The patented Boreallis illumination supports a large field of view and provides much improved illumination field for accurate cross-field analysis and image tiling.
  • High speed (up to 400 fps) confocal imaging with TIRF and 3D single molecule imaging capabilities.
  • Two pinhole patterns of 25 m and 40 m for optimum resolution and sensitivity.
  • The latest sCMOS (Zyla) and EMCCD (iXon Ultra 888) detectors provide 3~5 times more sensitive than typical laser confocal microscopy.
  • Additional super-resolution and TIRF modules allows for imaging single molecules.
  • Motorized magnification changer (1.5x and 2x) allows users to image all the finest details for optimal resolution.
  • Illumination zoom (1z, 4x, 16x, 36x) increases the power density of illumination.


  • Laser lines: 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm
  • Fluorescence filter cubes for DAPI, FITC, and TRITC
  • Quadband dichroic for 405/488/561/640 nm and quad emitter for laser-based imaging.
  • Motorized xyz (120x110mm xy travel and 500 m travel piezo z) for multi-ROI imaging and stitching.
  • Separate point laser FRAPPA line for photomanipulation.
  • CSU-W1 T2 spinning disk confocal scanner with 405/488/561/640 exciatation and emission filters for routine live cell imaging.
  • Okolab environmental cage maintain system at specific temperature and CO2 levels.
  • Cameras
    • Zyla 4.2 PLUS sCMOS camera with 2048x2048 pixel with 6.5 m pixel size.
    • iXon 888 Life EMCCD camera with 1024x1024 pixel with 13 m pixel size.


  • 10X UPLSAPO 0.4NA
  • 20X UPLSAPO 0.75NA
  • 30X UPLSAPO 1.05NA Silicone immersion
  • 40x UPLSAPO 1.25NA Silicone immersion
  • 60x UPLSAPO 1.3NA Silicone immersion
  • 60X APO 1.49NA TIRFM

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