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Olympus VS120 Slide Scanning System

Olympus VS120 slide scanner is available for high-throughput imaging of bright-field and fluorescence slide samples at high resolution. It can scan up to 100 slides automatically at desired magnification (up to 60x) with high details and precision for high throughput researches. Digital deconvolution on the fly enhances the quality of scanned images for detail analysis. Automatic specimen recognition functions limits scanning mostly to the specimen area to increase scanning efficiency. It also minimizes stitching errors by precise tiling algorithm.


  • Captures high resolution brightfield and fluorescence images.
  • Autofocus and focus map function allows users to capture and store preliminary images for optimal z position.
  • Automatic specimen recognition function limits scanning to the specimen area with proper objectives.
  • Precise tiling algorithm minimizes stitching errors.
  • Intuitive slide scanning workflow and data review.


  • Specimen should be mounted on glass slide covered with coverslip.
  • Fluorescence filter cubes for DAPI, FITC, TRITC, TXRED, and Cy5.
  • Motorized xyz automatic control.
  • 6 slide manual scanning and 100 slide automatic scanning.
  • Scan area: 26 mm x 64 mm
  • Scan time: approx. 2 min (20x objective, 15x15mm brightfield scan)
  • Camera: Hamamatsu ORCAFLASH 4 (fluorescence) and 2/3” CCD camera (brightfield)


  • 4X UPLSAPO, 0.16NA, WD 13 mm
  • 10X UPLSAPO, 0.4NA, WD 3.1 mm
  • 20X UPLSAPO, 0.75NA, WD 0.6 mm
  • 40X UPLSAPO, 0.95NA, WD 0.18 mm
  • 60X UPLSAPO 1.35NA, Oil immersion, WD 0.15 mm
  • 100X UPLSAPO, 1.4NA, Oil immersion, WD 0.13 mm

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