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Leica SP8 Laser Confocal Microscope

Leica SP8 Laser Confocal Microscope

This confocal laser scanning microscope will provide an advanced multicolor semi-super-resolution imaging system to image fixed or live sample with fast acquisition in 4D. The tunable white light laser allows users to select the optimum laser line for the maximum excitation of fluorophores. The switchable scanning between resonant and non-resonant mode provides high-speed imaging with reduced photobleaching or high-resolution imaging. The motorized stage movement and the LAS software provide easy montage imaging of large specimen.


  • True spectral imaging with AOBS (acousto-opitcal beam splitter) and tunable white light laser that allow imaging of any kind of dye combination (up to 8 simultaneous usable lines).
  • Tandem scanner with resonance scanner allows ultrafast 40 frames/sec that is up to 50% faster image acquisition.
  • Highly sensitive HyD detector allows a reduction of light dosage delivered to the cells, improving cell viability during live cell imaging, and for detection of very low signals.
  • The system is enclosed in an environmental chamber with temperature and CO2 control for long-term live cell imaging.
  • Lightning Imaging Information Extraction module allows super-resolution imaging down to 140nm laterally and a factor of 2 increases in axial resolution.
  • The 3D rendering and imaging processing tools provide superb 3D reconstruction and high quality images for analysis and publication.


  • DMi8 inverted frame with motorized xyz and fast Super Z stage movement (max travel range: 1500 μm)
  • 2 conventional multialkali PMTs, 2 high sensitivity PMTs (HyD), and 1 transmission light detector
  • Tunable white light laser (470 nm – 670 nm) and 405 nm AOTF laser
  • Tandem scanner for conventional galvanometer scanning and fast resonance scanning
  • Filter cubes for viewing: DAPI, GFP, and RFP
  • 3D deconvolution and rendering, and image stitching
  • Microlab X for FRAP and colocalization analysis


  • 10X HC PL APO, 0.4NA, WD 2.2 mm
  • 20X HC PL APO, 0.75NA, WD 0.62 mm
  • 20X HC PL APO, multi-immersion (water, glycerol, or oil) with collar correction, 0.75NA, WD 0.67 mm
  • 40X HC PL APO, water immersion with correction collar, 1.10NA, WD 0.65mm
  • 63X HC PL APO, Oil immersion, 1.4NA, WD 0.14 mm

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