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Thomas E. Bernard

Current Revisions made on 31 August 2013. Update on the NIOSH Revised Lifting Equation. Other recent changes to the workbooks for Liberty Mutual MMH and Static Work Analysis.

The analysis methods provided here have been adapted by the me or others for training and job analysis purposes. Generally they are in the open literature. Detailed and specialized evaluation tools are available from other sources.

The tool implementations are copyrighted and are intended only for the individual who downloads them. If you use them, please acknowledge the source. An e-mail on the use would be appreciated.

Typically, an Analysis Package is written in Excel® and has macros that must be enabled to fully function. The worksheets are protected to keep users in the data entry areas; some can be unprotected without a password. There will be a movement of the Excel workbooks to the most recent file formats (.xlsx and .xlsm). Because some systems block files with macros (i.e., .xlsm files), these files are zipped and must be uncompressed before using. Some of the workbooks are protected to conceal propriatary information; contact me to request an unprotected copy.

Manual methods are pencil and paper methods in an Adobe Acrobat® pdf file.

There is no warranty associated with these packages. They are no substitute for reading the original literature and availing yourself of professional commentary on the methods.

Kodak's Egonomic Design for People at Work
S. N. Chengalur, S. H. Rodgers, T. E. Bernard (ed)
John Wiley and Sons

Ergonomist, one who protects workers.

It derives from a conjunction of ergon and gnome (i.e., ergo-gnome to ergonome to ergonomist); where ergon is Greek for work and gnome is a member of a fabled race of dwarfs who protect treasures.