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Thomas E. Bernard
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Physical Agents

Thomas E. Bernard

The following are analysis methods that have been developed for discussion, training and job analysis purposes. The workbooks have been prepared using Excel® . (In spite of my best efforts, there may be some format adjustments to provide frustration to users.) Most of the workbooks contain macros which must be enabled. It is up to you to trust the source. In addition, manual methods are supplied for a couple of the TLVs®.

The files are intended only for the individual who downloads them. They are copyrighted. I would appreciate an email to let me know about it.

Besides outright computational errors (no warranty), there may be some things strange to you. The workbooks represent my interpretation of the TLVs® and some additions and themes that I use in instructional activities. There are comments in many locations to facilitate use, but you are largely on your own.

These packages do not stand alone. The user is advised to read the TLV® Documentation and to take advantage of other support materials. Documentation is available from the ACGIH® (and members can download five per year at no charge).

Comments and Suggestions Are Welcome.

* These are also provided in the Ergonomics Analysis Tools.