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USF SafetyFlorida is committed to reducing work-related illnesses and injuries through onsite workplace consultation. To achieve its goal USF SafetyFlorida employs Creativity, Resourcefulness, and Boldness.

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Brian L. Warrick, Ph.D., CSP, CIH


On behalf of the SafetyFlorida Consultation Staff at the University of South Florida (USF), I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a prospective new client. We are thrilled to showcase our expertise and invite you to explore our safety and health consulting services through our website. The mission of the Consultation Program is to potentially save lives by reducing work-related illnesses and injuries and assist Florida’s small businesses in profiting from safety.

USF SafetyFlorida, the state's safety and health Consultation program, provides free, confidential compliance assistance to Florida's small, high-hazard, private-sector employers in an effort to keep workers safe. The Program, funded by the federal government (OSHA) and the State of Florida, continues to provide services to thousands of employers and has protected tens of thousands of employees from serious workplace hazards since its inception in 2000. Secondarily, Florida's small businesses often find that they profit from these free consultation visits due to reduced costs associated with injuries, illnesses, lower workers’ compensation premiums, and increased productivity. The Consultation Program provides:

With more than 150 years of combined occupational health and safety leadership experience, our consultants come from various industries, such as the private manufacturing, construction, and mining industries and the federal government. They are senior professionals committed to providing quality services and protecting employees. Please take the time to peruse our consultation staff link to the left and learn more about their qualifications.

Thank you for exploring our website and discovering how we can make Florida the safest state to work in America. We will be honored to have you as our client. Feel free to contact us at anytime with your questions at 866.273.1105 (Toll-Free) or leave us a comment at

Brian L. Warrick, Ph.D., CSP, CIH
Program Director
USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program

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