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Stone Wheels

Thomas E. Bernard

It is the download site for applications, presentations, and other stone wheels developed by me and other faculty, staff and students of The Sunshine Education and Research Center at the University of South Florida. Occasionally, it may be populated with material borrowed from others. I hope you find them useful.

--Thomas E. Bernard

Analysis Tools

The copyrights to the available materials are held by the authors. By downloading them, you agree that they are for individual use. Encourage others to obtain their own copy. No warranty, explicit or implicit, is made.

Ergonomics Analysis Tools

A collection of analysis methods for job risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders and for some types of physically demanding work.
Ergonomics Tools
Heat Stress and Strain

Collection of material to support the ACGIH® TLV® for heat stress and strain plus other materials to support heat stress assessment and management.
Thermal Stress Tools
Analysis Tools for Some Physical Agents

A collection of analysis methods for physical agents largely based on the ACGIH® TLVs®.
Physical Agent Tools