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Heat Stress

Thomas E. Bernard

Current Site Update: 24 September 2014. The most recent additions are an update to a suite of Excel® User Defined Functions for psychrometric and weather data (see Basic Tools). The WBGT detailed analysis (WBGTv50) was also added and corrected a problem with grouped sheets.

The following materials are intended to support and expand the application of ACGIH® TLV® for heat stress and strain. The worksheets are intended for training and are not offical interpretations of the TLV®. 

Typically, an Analysis Package is written in Excel® and has macros that must be enabled to fully function. The worksheets are protected to keep users in the data entry areas; some can be unprotected without a password. There will be a movement of the Excel workbooks to the most recent file formats (.xlsx and .xlsm). Because some systems block files with macros (i.e., .xlsm files) and the new extensions, these files are zipped and must be uncompressed before using. Some of the workbooks are protected to conceal propriatary information; contact me to request an unprotected copy.

The materials are copyrighted by me and are intended for personal and professional use with appropriate recognition. It would be nice to hear from you by email about materials you find helpful.

The TLV® for heat stress and strain was described in a webinar offered by the ACGIH® in April 2006 and June 2013. Please see the ACGIH® website for information on obtaining a copy of the webinar.

TLV Flow Chart - ACGIH® TLV® for Heat Stress and Strain (2006)