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Educational Technology and Assessment

Support Services

The Office of Educational Technology and Assessment prides itself on providing high-quality service to faculty to create instructionally sound online courses. Since 1996, we have collaborated with faculty to successfully transition traditional courses to an online environment.

If you are interested in offering an online course at the College of Public Health, please contact our office.

Online Academic Programs

The ETA office assists with the delivery of all online programs, graduate certificate programs and online courses in the undergraduate program offered by the College of Public Health.

For a full list visit our Online Programs and Certificates page.

Course Design and Development

Each semester ETA office supports close to 2000 students in online graduate and undergraduate public health courses. Faculty work with assigned ETA instructional designers to create a course plan, design and develop online course materials and deliver their courses to an online audience. With the help of a skilled instructional design team, online courses are delivered using multimedia technologies such as the streaming media, interactive tools, etc. Faculty within these courses utilize asynchronous communication tools, such as discussion forums to enhance online instruction. Synchronous communication tools are used for real-time interaction among faculty and students. The ETA office also maintains and manages the distance learning studio and a multimedia studio to meet the needs of faculty and staff.

Student Support

All students are required to meet minimum technology requirements to participate in the online courses. Students can view the previous semester course syllabi prior to registration for all online courses. Once registered, students have access to the course syllabus and lesson zero module where student expectations are clearly defined, which assist students in planning their semester. In addition, the ETA office provides technical assistance to all students registered for any online public health course. Technical assistance is provided via the Technical Problem Report Form posted on the Canvas course page. Due to low utilization, live exam support is currently discontinued.

Classroom Support

Select classrooms are equipped with technology to offer enhanced delivery of courses (i.e. cohort programs), as well as host national and international webinars, dissertation presentations, oral exams, interviews and Dean’s lectures, among other in-house special events. We have also assisted faculty in teaching their class from a remote location when attending conferences.

Video/Web Conferencing

Video/Web conferencing has been used to deliver presentations by faculty in research projects.

CPH 2003, 2004 and 2006 are equipped with Cisco videoconference units. This technology allows networking with remote sites using the same system. Please contact USF IT at least five days prior to schedule a conference.

Lecture Capture/Streaming Services

Course content can also be delivered via live streaming from the classroom. Panopto is the video platform that the COPH utilizes for all lecture capture and Microsoft Teams for live streaming services. Please send any Panopto request to USF IT along with the completed attached consent form. This will expedite the process.

Hybrid Solutions (Blended, Flipped and Hyflex Learning)

ETA provides consultation for classroom teaching/hybrid needs. We have built a repository of pedagogical strategies and methods derived from literature that are effective in increasing student’s learning and engagement. Instructors will find a multitude of Active Learning activities that can be implemented within these different settings. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation. 

Classroom Technology Consultation and Training

ETA staff has the knowledge and expertise to create, support and advise faculty and students on what online or application tool works best for their class needs. See Classroom Technology for more details or contact the ETA office for a consultation.

Faculty Development for Online Learning

The ETA office is charged with faculty development related to online teaching and facilitation. Based on experiences with online faculty and students, ETA staff develops professional development opportunities or just in time training to enhance skills in online teaching and learning. See Faculty Development for more details.