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Educational Technology and Assessment

Classroom Technology

The University of South Florida College of Public Health (USF-COPH) prides itself in providing quality up-to-date technology equipped classrooms.

Active Learning Classroom

COPH has adopted a global pedagogical movement that has been researched and known to increase student engagement and content retention. This new methodology is known as Active Learning. The College of Public Health is proud to provide faculty and students with three Active Learning Classrooms (ALC).  

Below is a list of some of the technology and its features in an ALC:  

  • HDTV monitor
  • Airmedia units that allow students and faculty to connect any device wirelessly to the TV monitors
  • Wireless Lapel microphone
  • Ceiling HD cameras for live streaming
  • Built-in sound speaker system
  • Podium iPad for faculty to use an annotation tool that allows them to walk and teach around the room, laptop integration and more.  

Classroom Matrix

The majority of classrooms at USF-COPH are equipped with the following. Click on the technology matrix image for a detailed list of all COPH classrooms and the technology available in each room.

screenshot of an organizational matrix of technology
  • Windows PC
  • Control Touch Panel
  • Video projector and screen
  • HDMI, VGA and AUX connections
  • Access to the Internet
  • Projection Microphone
  • Playback audio system
  • DVD Player
  • Annotation Tools


A training tutorial (coming soon) provides detailed information on each of the technologies found within the classroom.


The COPH Facilities office provides specialized in-room support and consultations to assist with the technical and logistical aspects of technology use in classrooms, meeting rooms and collaborative settings across USF-COPH. For more information about our classroom technology or to submit a request or report an incident contact the USF-COPH Facilities Office at 813-974-6613. Assistance with technology is also available during class hours, please contact us!