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Med-Peds Residency

Benefits & Salary

Benefits Overview 2020-2021

Health Insurance (United Health Care Choice Plus)

  • Single: free
  • Married: $50/month to cover spouse
  • $75/month to cover entire family

Disability Insurance

  • Provided free of charge

Life Insurance

  • $50,000 term policy provided free of charge

Dental and Eye Benefits options are available


  • 15 days per year

Maternity/Paternity Leave

  • Two week paid leave in addition to vacation and sick time used

Sick Leave

  • 9 days per year

Conference/International Travel

  • Travel funds provided if presenting
  • Travel Scholarships available

Resident Salary Schedule 2020-2021

University of South Florida (Internal Medicine-Pediatric) residents receive a generous compensation package. Salaries are targeted at a level well above the national average and the comprehensive health insurance is a model for programs around the country:

Level Salary Biweekly Salary
PGY-1 $52,500 $2,011.49
PGY-2 $53,763 $2,059.89
PGY-3 $55,716 $2,134.72
PGY-4 $57,953 $2,220.43
PGY-5 $60,312 $2,310.81
PGY-6 $62,677 $2,401.42
PGY-7 $64,716 $2,479.55

More information can be found on the USF Health Graduate Medical Education website.