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Med-Peds Residency


USF Alumni Association

What Our Grads Are Doing

Please visit the USF Health Alumni website for more information.


Nicole Dinescu:
Jameson Kuang:
Richard Nguyen:
Ethan Nowell:
Aubrey Schley:
Hannah Shin:


Glaser, Alexander: Fellowship in Adult Cardiology
Grana, Alejandra:
O'Brien, Holly:
Overturf, Charles: Private Practice


Bhatia, Nikhil: 
Chen, Anthony:
Cloyd, Benjamin:
Sanchez Parra, Carlos: 
Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology
Saunders, Tory:


Christopher Hillhouse, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Matthew Liu, DO: Hospitalist
Mahad Mohammed, DO: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Yilmarie Rosado-Acevedo, MD: Private Hospitalist
Seif Shahidain, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist


Stephen Mayper, MD: Med-Peds Private Practice
Michelle Rosario, MD: Fellowship in Gastroenterology
Megan Spiewak, MD: Academic Practice - Ambulatory
Colleen Maier, DO: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Danielle Pierson, MD: Academic Practice - Inpatient
Matthew Baron, MD: Internal Medicine Hospitalist


Alison Burt, MD: Fellowship in Palliative care
Drew Meriwether, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Chris Richardson, DO:Private Practice - Ambulatory
Bryce Somer, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Jasmine Young, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist


Joao Fontoura, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Martin Guerrero, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Asef Mahmud, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory


Darren Adderly, MD: Private Practice - Hospitalist
Jenna Simpson, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Kenneth Visalli, DO:Private Practice - Ambulatory


Jonathan Chan, MD: Fellowship in PICU
Devi Yalamanchali, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Minal Ahson-Niaz, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Katie Knupp, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Michelle Tang, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist


Garrett Alderfer, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Jody Coonradt, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Soniya Bhavsar, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Melanie Letobarone, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Katie Newell, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Melania Poonacha, MD, MPH: Internal Medicine Hospitalist


Elimarys Perez-Colon, MD: Academic Practice - Hospitalist
Paibel Aguayo-Hiraldo, MD: Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Linh Nguyen, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory


Veronica Davis, DO: Academic Practice - Ambulatory
Jim Torres, MD: Private Practice - Ambulatory


Bingham, Christopher: Med-Peds Hospitalist
Brown, Cory: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Khan, Rehan: Private Practice - Ambulatory
Desrochers, Dan: Private Practice - Ambulatory