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MD Program

USF Lehigh Valley Campus

USF-Lehigh Valley
Health & Wellness

Student Health: Sick Line

Emergencies for Personal Illness, Family Illness, etc.

In the event that a student needs to request emergency time for a personal or family illness, the student must:

  1. Make contact with the supervising preceptor or team. Contact can be via telephone, page, or email, however, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the message regarding the absence is not only sent but also received.
  2. Email the Clerkship Director, Clerkship Coordinator, and the Director of Education Services to report his/her absence. He/she should indicate the nature of the emergency (illness, family concern, etc.). The Clerkship Director may request additional information about the absence. The Clerkship Director or Director of Education Services may request a physician’s note or a more detailed explanation of the absence.
  3. Call the LVHN sick line at 610-402-9717 or log onto intranet and click on LVHN Sick Notice to report an illness.

Illness Procedure

If a student becomes ill while on a rotation at USF-Lehigh Valley and requires medical attention, they should first call their Primary Care Physician (PCP). If the PCP is unable to see the student or will not treat them via the phone, the student may visit any of the urgent care providers LVHN offers

Students, please view this listing of LVHN providers to easily find a provider that meets your needs. The copay for the student’s first visit at an LVHN urgent care provider office will be waived for SELECT Program students.

If the student needs additional help, please call USF-Lehigh Valley’s Office of Student Affairs. Students are not permitted to engage in rotation activities when they are ill with a fever, cough rash, or any other potentially communicable disease. Students presenting with a routine illness while on rotation at USF-Lehigh Valley, or within 48 hours of completing a rotation at USF-Lehigh Valley, are required to contact the LVHN Sick Line at (610) 402-9717 to report the illness.